How do I order domain privacy?

By using our Domain Privacy service, we'll list the generic company for your domain name.

This ensures that your confidential information is not available online. Our Domain Privacy service comes with free e-mail forwarding of the protected e-mail address to an e-mail of your choice, so you'll continue to receive any domain notifications.

If you're an individual with your own .uk or domain name that is not for business use then you can hide your personal details for free.

You can add domain privacy when you checkout.Note: .UK Nominet Opt-Out is only available to individuals. If a .uk domain is registered as a UK Sole Trader, you won’t be able to get free Nominet Opt-Out.

.com and other domains

To order domain privacy if you have an existing .com domain:

  • Login to GigoWeb

  • Select Order Domain Privacy

  • Choose the domain you would like to add it to, and then checkout at the basket

.uk domains

If you have an existing .uk domain then you can opt-out of WHOIS by:

  • Logging in to GigoWeb

  • Go to Manage Domains

  • Locate the domain name and select Manage

  • Select Domain Privacy and check the Opt-Out of WHOIS? box.

To reiterate: .uk Nominet opt-out is only available to Individuals, not businesses.

Where can I view the nameservers of a domain at GigoCP?

To check what nameservers a domain name is using:

  • Log in to GigoCP

  • Select Manage Domains and locate the domain you’d like to check, select Manage

  • Select the Nameservers icon to view what nameservers the domain is pointing-to

You can edit and update them here.

Please note that nameserver changes usually take between 6-8 hours - but can take up to 24 hours.

What is domain propagation?

DNS propagation defines the process of updating information across the internet. There are two forms of DNS propagation: the first is the changes made to the DNS zone and the second is the changes made to WHOIS information.

An change made to your DNS zone will only usually affect a few servers and is the fastest change. Making a change that affects your WHOIS information can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

After the order of a domain or transfer of a domain, there will be a period where you can’t see your domain. This is due to millions of servers having to update with the new information. Your website may not be visible for up to 48 hours.